Upcoming Projects



  • Taped show in Memphis, Tennessee for Investigation Discovery. (It airs in 2019)
  • Untitled show taped in Los Angeles, California for BET Television. Airs this summer 2019.
  • Snapped: Taped show in Atlanta, Georgia/ airs in 2019
  • For My Man: Georgia Murder Story (taped December 3, airs in 2019 on TV One)

Other Projects

  • Launched the mini-documentary series Traciy Curry-Reyes TV Crime Sky PresentsĀ on Facebook and YouTube, featuring cases of murder, movies based on true stories, and stories of the past.
  • Premiered: EpisodeĀ 1: “Locked Out: An Internet Dating Murder--Tracy Anderson, Robert Atlas ” premiered on Facebook and YouTube. Also known as “Locked Out: A Domestic Violence Murder.”
  • Premiered Episode 2: “The Floating Corpse” Lisa Eatmon/Roscoe Glinton/Deborah Glinton Murder Case