William Charles Lewis, Rosa Lewis: East Point, Georgia Probation Killer Shot Cynthia Floyd Rolle–TV One’s ‘Fatal Attraction’


William Charles Lewis’ story will air on the show Fatal Attraction tonight on TV One. The episode follows the serial shooter from East Point, Georgia, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the 2001 murders of Cynthia Floyd Rolle and Antonio Stephney. During his rampage, William Charles Lewis also shot Roger Orr and Rosa Lewis, who survived the ambush.


At first, detectives thought the shootings were unrelated until they found lip print matches and notes written in black magic marker at the crime scenes. The notes were signed “Jack.”


All clues led detectives to William Charles Lewis. They determined that Charles-Lewis wanted revenge after his wife, Rosa Lewis, left him. To instill fear and cause emotional distress, he killed her best friend and co-worker, Cynthia Floyd Rolle. Cynthia and Rosa were both probation officers.


William Charles Lewis was a charismatic man who often portrayed himself as a Christian. The real deal was he had a lot of women on the side, and behind the scenes, he was abusive to his wife.

Cynthia Floyd Rolle became a target because William Charles Lewis blamed her for encouraging Rosa to leave him. This episode was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016.


Rosa Lewis probationer wife of William Charles Lewis. [Photo by Investigation Discovery/ Permission granted to Traciy Curry-Reyes for use]

The William Charles Lewis East Point case first played out on three other popular true crime series

  • Forensic Factor “JACK”
  • Nightmare Next Door  “Jack Be Deadly”
  • The FBI Files: “Sniper At Home”


Recently, Investigation Discovery aired the same story on Murder By Numbers “Count the Bodies.” I was invited to participate in that episode, but I was unable to make the trip.


All the shows are interesting, and each documentary tackles the case from a different angle. The Forensic Factor episode told the story from Cynthia Floyd Rolle’s point of view, as I recall. One of the episodes told the story from Roger Orr’s point of view.

The Fatal Attraction show on TV One will focus on the relationship between Rosa Lewis and William Charles Lewis, eyeing the story from the love-gone-wrong angle.



TV  One’s Description for Fatal Attraction: “Shooting Spree”

“When probation officer Cynthia Rolle is found shot dead in her own driveway, police fear that a vengeful probationer might be on the loose. But before detectives can investigate further, the killer makes it clear that she was only the first victim in a string of shootings that leaves a small town terrified.”

Fatal Attraction premieres Monday, July 17, at 9 p.m. on TV One. Watch the trailer here


What Would You Do?

  • What happened in Cynthia Floyd Rolle’s case has happened many times. In at least three other cases, someone was killed after advising their friend to leave an abusive partner.
  • Would you tell a friend to leave an abusive spouse or lover?


[Main Photo by Investigation Discovery/Permission granted to Traciy Curry-Reyes for use]



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