Mekole Harris, Carman Jenkins: ‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode ‘A Deadly Message’


Carman Jenkins and her husband, Clarence Jenkins, killed Mekole Harris after she tried to escape. The couple kidnapped Mekole Harris to frighten another woman named Grace Davis into returning to their home and their three-way marriage. Clarence Jenkins was a master manipulator who sought to control the women in his life through intimidation and threats. Clarence Jenkins was the head of a group called “The Organization.”


When I researched this story, I found it shocking and sad. Mekole Harris had people in her life who loved her, especially her devoted son. However, a casual encounter with Clarence Jenkins led her down a dangerous path. Fatal Attraction‘s “A Deadly Message” episode was shot in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Here is something else that struck me about the Mekole Harris case: crossing paths with a stranger can alter your entire life course. What wasn’t covered in two documentaries about this case was Clarence Jenkins had seen Mekole Harris at the temp service (Labor Finders) before. It is possible that Mekole recognized Clarence, which could be how he lured her into the vehicle.


I believe Mekole Harris’ mother has since passed away. Her son maintains an active Facebook page in her memory.


[Main Image by Police File Photo]



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