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Welcome to my official website. Here you will find information about my upcoming projects. You will also find a list of crime documentary shows that I've done. Most of my old crime research notes and articles first appeared in the Movies Based On True Stories Database/Archives and at Examiner.com. These sites no longer exist. To keep up with my latest breaking crime and TV news articles, and to find some of my old notes, please follow me on my new true crime site, TV Crime Sky.com



Podcast Mentions

  • Crime Junkie ---The Reyna Marroquin Case
  • Lessons From Lifetime ---Identity Theft of a Cheerleader
  • Lessons From Lifetime ---Death of a Cheerleader

Traciy Curry-Reyes has appeared as a true-crime expert in several television documentaries on some of America’s favorite true crime channels.

I've been in the writing and blogging game for a long time, and I still enjoy writing about true crime cases and the movies and documentaries they inspire.

I began writing as a crime and movie blogger in the 1990s and was the first to compile a list of movies based on true stories and match them to the real people who inspired the made-for-TV-movies. The excitement surrounding the stories helped establish a strong fan base of active followers.

Professionally, I've written articles for Examiner.com and Inquisitr.com, and in 2016, I founded TV Crime Sky.com.

In 2019, I expanded TV Crime Sky.com to include mini-documentary episodes that I've learned to write, edit, and produce about true crimes, movies based on true stories, unsolved mysteries, cold cases, missing people, strange stories, and crimes of the past.

  • The first episode of Traciy Curry-Reyes TV Crime Sky Presents is Locked Out: An Internet Dating Murder about the fatal stabbing of Tracy Anderson by Robert Atlas.
  • The second episode is The Floating Corpse: A Fatal Attraction Story about the murder of Lisa Eatmon and her unborn child.
  • The episodes premiere on my Facebook and YouTube pages.

From time to time, I appear as a true-crime expert on the following shows.

  1. ​TV One's Fatal Attraction, Justice by Any Means, and For My Man
  2. Investigation Discovery's Murder Calls and Scorned
  3. Oxygen's Snapped and Killer Couples
  4. FOX's (former) Crime Watch Daily
  5. Lifetime Television's Killer Kids
  6. BET Television's Murder in the Thirst

What's My Area of Focus Today?

Still writing about true crimes and movies, and I'm finishing up a crime fiction novel and working on two screenplays.

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Traciy Curry-Reyes on For My Man


True Crime Mini Documentaries that I hosted, narrated, wrote, and produced for YouTube and Facebook.


Book Mentions

Book Mentions